Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally!! a Chinese friend!!終於遇到了一個中國的朋友!!

Well..... yesterday was amazing because I met an exchange student from China!!! It was way sweet to finally speak chinese after 2 months of no opportunity. You would be surprised at how bad you will miss a language. To sit there for an hour and chat was amazing and I was super happy about it. Chinese is definitely the best language in the world!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My own new blog! 我自己新的blog!

Well so much cool stuff happens in my life that I decided to make a blog and write it down. So I'll start with Last night.... I was driving home from Joplin and I hit a raccoon. It was crazy. When I went over it it made a *thud thud* sound. I couldn't stop laughing.
To top it off as I drove through town I got pulled over for speeding. Let me explain, As you drive into town you go down a big hill and rather than brake and lose that momentum and power I decided to let gravity and friction naturally slow me down. Well it didn't slow me down fast enough and I got pulled over by a copper. I was afraid and praying my guts out that I wouldn't get a ticket. Who wants to pay money for conserving a little gas? I don't! He was way chill though, and didn't give me a ticket. Nice guy.... I hope he has a great week.
因為我的生活中發生很多好玩的是我決定了寫一個blog。我在昨天的晚上開始 ...我在回家的路上撞到了一支浣熊。 它是瘋狂的!我不皢得為甚麽它没有跑掉? 當我撞到 它,它做了*thud thud*的聲音。有一點好笑